Your visits will include..

Non rushed assessments and check ins

30 minutes of quiet time Acupuncture


Herbal / supplement recommendations

Heated table and infrared heat lamps

Calming music

+ extra modalities when needed like Electro-stim, Cupping, Mud, Gua Sha, or Moxibustion

Shared resources and lifestyle guidance

Conditions we help with..

Nausea / morning sickness, Back pain / pelvic pain / sciatica, Acid reflux, Miscarriage prevention support, Anxiety / insomnia, Sinus infections, Constipation, Mastitis, Placenta previa, Carpal tunnel, Birth prep and cervical ripening

Things to consider..

We often recommend 1x weekly - 1x monthly visits for optimal results

Lifestyle factors play a big role on success (rest, water, nourishment & emotional state) are all very important and need to be achieved as well

We provide integrative medicine which means we love working along side your reproductive endocrinologist or OB/GYN doctors. We may refer out for specific testing if needed and will order labs (outside of insurance) when we feel it's necessary

We limit the amount of patients we see per day to ensure we can give quality care. This can make our available appointments limited and if it doesn't work with your schedule we can refer out to someone else amazing who better fits your schedule

We offer a safe and quiet space that we have very thoughtfully pieced together in order to make you feel comfortable and support you on your journey to conceiving

Heart based healing promise

We promise to offer our most authentic and honest help. We value transparency, equality and kindness.

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* Individual results vary. No guarantee of specific results is warranted or implied and your results will depend on many factors (full disclaimer).

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