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Research has shown that acupuncture treatments at the time of transfer can significantly increase the chance of implantation and full-term pregnancy. We can help you maximize your chances of pregnancy success and ease your stress and anxiety during the IVF process with our scientifically-based acupuncture. Our clinic currently uses the Paulus Protocol for Pre and Post transfer.

The Paulus protocol was used on 2 groups of randomly selected women undergoing IVF with good quality embryos, the study was published in Fertility and Sterility in April 2002. One group got acupuncture before and after their embryos transfers and ended up with a pregnancy rate of 42.5%, the other group had no acupuncture and a pregnancy rate of 26.3%.

Common Questions



Studies show acupuncture can increase IVF Success rates up to 65%. Click here & here to view the studies.

how many sessions do i need?

For best results we would like to see our patients once a week in the three months leading up to IVF. If this isn’t possible, we recommend coming in to see us when you start your IVF cycle. We see our patients twice a week when they are taking the follicle stimulating drugs and we like to schedule a treatment before egg retrieval as well as another before embryo transfer. Finally we ask our patients to come in for treatment 24-48 hours after embryo transfer so that we can do an acupuncture treatment to prevent uterine spasm.

Does the acupuncture hurt?

Generally no, our specialized acupuncture technique is very gentle and most patients feel little to no pain. Instead, patients usually report feeling tingling, heaviness and deep relaxation. 

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