Relief from..

Severe painful periods

Heavy & constant bleeding

Dark clotty blood

Painful sex


The Endometriosis Healing Program


Treatments recommended: Acupuncture, Chinese herbs and / or functional nutritional therapy.

How it helps: With endometriosis we focus on increasing blood circulation to the uterus and regulating hormone levels. We often see high estrogen and low progesterone and an autoimmune response from the body creating tissue growths where they should not belong. We help to modulate the immune system and lower systemic inflammation.

Additional support: You will learn the Daily Core Rituals that will significantly enhance your hormone levels and overall health. 

Our Therapies

Gentle Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a therapy of movement, it helps to unblock energetic and physical stagnation. > Learn more

Chinese Herbal Medicine

We use custom herbs tailored to your unique body pattern to provide a healthy environment to heal. > Learn more

Fire Cupping

Like a deep tissue massage - the suction of cups over skin helps to decrease muscular tension and pain. > Learn more


Moxa involves the burning of mugwort and gently warming acupuncture points. > Learn more

Heart based healing promise

We promise to offer our most authentic and honest help. We value transparency, equality and kindness.

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