How to Eat for Your Hormones

Good nutrition is essential for hormone health. Our body relies on certain nutrients for gland function and to support a healthy cycle. 

If you suffer with conditions like endometriosis, painful or irregular periods, PCOS, infertility or other menstrual issues, these tips are especially important for you.

What you should do..

Eat healthy fats, our hormones are made from fats. Be sure to put a focus on getting good healthy fats to support hormone production. Those with low body fat may have trouble making hormones needed for their body. Some good fats are avocado, nuts, flax and chia seeds, nut butters, olive oil, and cacao nibs.

Power up with protein, plant based proteins are awesome for getting amino acids (makes up protein) without creating inflammation. Use meat more sparingly and more like a condiment on foods and go for plant based proteins like tofu, tempeh, beans, lentils, quinoa, green peas, etc.

Include lots of vegetables especially leafy greens like spinach, chard, kale, and arugula. These greens are PACKED with nutrients that give your cells tons of energy that it needs for power. Also include lot of other vegetables to your meals like carrots, zucchini, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, beets, brussels sprouts.

Lower sugar, like in refined carbs (white flour, white pasta and breads), and foods with added sugar like soda, baked goods, and sugary drinks. Too much sugar is a major culprit of inflammation and hormone imbalances especially with PCOS. High sugar (causing high insulin) can lead to high testosterone. Look for foods with low sugar content, use sweeteners like agave and eat complex carbs like sweet potatoes and whole grains

Add hormone super foods like flax seeds (high in fiber and omega-3), maca (regulates hypothalamus and pituitary gland), brazil nuts (good for thyroid), and spirulina (reduces inflammation, rich in minerals).

Drink water at least 72 oz of water daily for cellular fuel and flushing the body.


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