Hormones & Beauty Products

In todays’ world we love to express ourselves through makeup and what we wear. It’s important to know about our beauty products and why we need to be mindful about what’s in them. As a clinic that focuses on womens’ health we feel it’s necessary to understand what we as consumers buy.

Firstly, what are endocrine disruptors? They do exactly as the word states; they disrupt hormones and this causes adverse effects immunologically, neurologically, and reproductively. When dealing with issues such as PCOS, endometriosis, thyroid issues, immunity suppression and other imbalances it’s easy to overlook beauty products. We women tend to use a lot of products that we apply directly onto our skin. Skin absorbs through its pores and with skin being the largest organ in our body it makes it easy for chemicals to be absorbed through the epidermis. Chemicals that are added to skin products, makeup, cleansers etc. tend to mimic or very closely resemble natural hormones that our bodies create which throws off the balance and have cumulative effects in the body. This means that all that we use in one day makes a difference; powder, foundation, eyeshadow, cleansers, moisturizers, lotions, perfumes and this all adds up. These added chemicals can exacerbate ones condition be it PCOS, infertility, thyroid issues and more.

Chemicals to avoid and look out for that disrupt hormones are parabens (paraben) at end of name i.e. isobutylparaben), synthetic fragrances, pthalates, synthetic coloring, and sulfates. Avoiding these are essential and there are many brands or stores that make it easy to find better, health conscious products. Sephora, one of the biggest beauty stores’ have a “clean” label for products that have better ingredients in them. You can always look for yourself as most brands that are better for you will usually tell you what they’re free of on their labels. Target also has a great selection for natural, safer brands as well. All in all its definitely worth avoiding hormone disruptors especially with women who suffer from hormonal imbalances. Once you know what to look out for it’s easy! Always remember small changes can amount to big changes. If you switch up all products you use with these chemicals for natural or healthier ones that alone may make a huge difference!

A couple of makeup brands that are natural and chemical free are Ere Perez, Tarte, Bite Beauty, Ilia, 100% Pure, Good Chemistry, Vapour Beauty, Lawless and much much more! There’s a lot of different brands out there. It’s always good to do your own research and make sure that any brands are free from any of these chemicals.


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