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Here at The Natural Healing Center, in Maitland, FL, we want to be your guide to living a more healthy, vibrant life. Our goal is to provide you the information you need to allow you to make informed decisions about your health care and offer safe and effective solutions to wellness. Our therapies are 100% natural and are designed to bring real and deep homeostasis back to your body without negative side effects, or having to rely on lifetime medications. You are fully capable of healing your body, mind and spirit when we give it the right tools and environment. We are fully committed to  helping you achieve your health goals and giving you the life you desire.

We are honored to be your path to light and healthy healing!

Dr. Kira D.O.M. | Dr. Isamar D.O.M.
& The Natural Healing Center Team

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We Heal the Root of Your Health Issues with 100% Natural Healing.

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Our Healing


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